Scotts Tap & Keller is a new bar open in Southsea, Portsmouth and serving a eclectic mix of World Beers, Gins & Wines.



Design a brand that is visually impacting whilst also informative to the customer.  It must incorporate aspects that are associated with beer or gin.  

Using the name SCOTTS TAP & KELLER which derives from a previous establishment on the same location which was very popular in the 80’s.



Fonseca is a modern sans serif inspired by art deco and typography poster in early 20th century. The key of this all-caps family is simple straight geometric forms and modernized letterforms.

The modernized retro-look makes this family great to presents any contents related to travel, history & culture in the present/modern way. This display family is perfect for headlines, posters, logos, branding projects, magazines, and packaging.

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